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Snow Capped Mountains, A Crisp Winter Morning & Fun In The Snow

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Snow in Ceres, Western Cape South Afriica

It feels like I haven’t blogged in ages – I guess that’s what you get when life happens 😊. I was feeling immensely guilty for not getting around to it, but I needed to prioritise with everything that is happening in my life right now.

I started my new job on 1 June. After being home for a little while, it continues to be a huge adjustment for me. Not only having a new routine (hence me not being able to write as often as I would like), but also having to get used to different people, different and often difficult personalities and a different way of doing things. I would like to think that I have always been someone who is open to the “new” –  whether it be people, processes or experiences. But this time around, it feels heavier than before. It could be that as I’m getting older, my tolerance level for unnecessary pettiness, insecurities and competition is at an all- time low or maybe the change that I am embarking on is not really what God has planned for my life….

When I got home last Friday after an extremely challenging day, all I wanted to do was cry. Then Noel  said, “I heard there’s snow in Ceres, let’s go tomorrow.” My heart leaped out of my chest from happiness.  We have always wanted to go see the snow, but somehow, we never made it there. The thought of one of my bucket list items materialising, made my heart smile. That’s when you know you are truly happy, when you smile from the inside out.


We set the alarm for 6am on Saturday and surprisingly, when it went off, we got up. It must have been the excitement that motivated us to be up this early on a rainy winter morning 😊

After a quick breakfast (pizza from the previous night and a hot cup of tea), the coffee was packed and off we went. I’m usually more organised than this, but this trip wasn’t planned and I wasn’t going to stress about it either – Ceres does have eateries afterall :).

Snow in Ceres Western Cape South Africa

We arrived in Ceres about 1hr 45 minutes later .The drive didn’t seem that long though, because we were chatting and singing in the car and even managed to stop off just outside the Huguenot Tunnel to explore the beautiful bridge just as you exit. There is a small but flowing river beneath it. I stood on the bridge despite the wind almost pushing me over, but I couldn’t resist just being there, closing my eyes and listening to the water flowing below 😊. After experiencing one of the worst droughts our country has seen in years, it was absolutely heart-warming to see this river flowing as freely as it did.

Bridhe outside Hugenuot Tunnel Western Cape

Ceres – the snow was truly magical. It was even more amazing than I had imagined. The mountains stood boldly as they displayed their snow-capped peaks. The air was crisp, but unbelievably fresh and uplifting. The surrounding forests with its green foliage – this was truly a remarkable sight. I had a happy heart.

Making snowmen in Ceres Western Cape South Africa

I honestly can’t remember the last time, I had uninhibited fun like that. The kind where you smile from ear to ear and you giggle from your tummy. Where you do whatever you feel like in that moment and couldn’t care less about what the people around you think. Although my fingers were frozen and my nose wouldn’t stop running, I had an absolute blast in the snow.


We made two snowmen. Although Noel says it looked more like penguins than snowmen – I was very proud of our creations. The one even had a real carrot for his nose and twigs for arms – just like in the movies 😊. Our snowman accompanied us on our journey back into the town, but as soon as the rain started, sadly he melted :(. We also made snow balls and had a mini snowball fight. When I look back, I smile. It was a great day. The best things in life truly are for free. Things that money really can’t buy. Makes you think doesn’t it – why are we are so obsessed with accumulating “stuff” only to discover they don’t fill the void we seek to fill.

Snow capped mountains in Ceres Western Cape South Africa


Truth be told, even though society would have us believe that fun is something reserved for children, it isn’t. Everyone, young, old and in between – we were all having the time of our lives in the snow. There wasn’t a sad face to be found. So, if letting your hair down and behaving like a child every once in a while, makes us happier, why do we do it so seldom? Why do we allow society to tell us when to stop doing what brings contentment or excitement? I will admit that it felt silly in the beginning – being my age and behaving like that, but everyone around us was doing the same. And no-one thought anything of it….

Making snowmen in Ceres


I have to ask – at what point did having fun as an adult become a no-no? Who made the rule that adults always have to be so serious?  If more adults let their guard down and had more fun, the world would be a much better place. We are all living according to someone else’s standards. We are allowing other people to dictate our decisions, decisions about our lives and ultimately, our happiness. Why do we allow society to decide when we are no longer allowed to play in the snow?


Happiness and joy doesn’t have an age restriction. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 85 years old, your happiness is your responsibility and no-one else’s. And if it means letting your hair down and throwing snow balls to bring you joy, then do it despite what anyone else thinks. It’s your life. No-one can be happy for you – that’s your job. So stop worrying about what people will say and just do what brings you joy – in all areas of your life. You only have one chance… When you are happy, you shine a light in a dark, dark world and inspire others  to find their happiness too 😊.

Enjoying the snow in Ceres Western Cape South Africa

” Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” Andy Goldsworthy





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