How To Spoil Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Can you believe that we are almost through the month of January already? And in just a few weeks, Valentine’s Day will be upon us!  I know that it isn’t an official holiday , but it has become tradition that every year, Noel and I get each other something, (no matter how big or small) to commemorate the day. It is also a welcomed distraction in the middle of the month, seeing that February doesn’t have any public holidays 🙂 .

Now, Noel and I are together for a whopping 22 years! That’s a lot of gifts and more importantly, a lot of gift ideas I had to come up with over the years, especially since I wanted to surprise him every time. This has proven to be more challenging as the years have gone by, because it feels as if I have bought him everything already. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat, so here are a few ideas which hopefully can make the task of surprising your better half, a little easier.

  • Box of likes – It’s a box filled with everything that he likes. This can include his favourite cologne, biltong, nuts, socks, boxer shorts, razor blades, shaving gel – the list is endless actually. You know your man, so be creative.  It really doesn’t matter what you fill the box with, I guarantee that he will love the idea that you know him so well and that you went out of your way to spoil him with these little pleasures.  It’s personalised and boxed with loads of love.IMG_20170120_211323.jpg
  • Book a spa treatment/day for him. We ladies love spa days, right? We get to kick up our heels up and just relax. We are pampered and feel rejuvenated after doing absolutely nothing for a few hours.  Now why wouldn’t your sweetie pie enjoy the same? Men also deserve to be pampered occasionally, and what better time, than for Valentine’s
  • Get an activity voucher for something that he has been meaning to do, but hasn’t had the time. Whether it’s Paddle boarding or Ziplining, Land sailing, Paragliding – you know what’s on his bucket list.  Have a look at the website, you may just find exactly what you are looking sailing on the beach
  • If your partner in crime plays a sport, why not surprise him with a gadget that he doesn’t already have. If you are not sure what to get, log onto Cape Union Mart’s website and search for anything related to the sport he plays. Or better yet, go into the store and ask one of their sales assistants to help you. These days there is a gadget for almost everything relating to sports, so you are bound to find something that will make his favourite past time even more enjoyable.gadgets
  • If he enjoys a good read, why not buy him a best seller. Go to Exclusive books, and see what catches his eye and before he can make the purchase, talk him out of it, saying that he is wasting money or something like that. (We woman are gifted like that, we know just how to ruin a good moment 🙂 . Then when he isn’t with you, go back and buy the book he wanted. Throw in some of his favourite rusks or biscuits and you will set the scene for a perfect Sunday afternoon.Mark Billingham - Die of Shame book

Valentine’s Day has proven to be one of the most difficult days to get a booking at a nice restaurant. I find that you almost have to book a month in advance, or if you are lucky enough to get a booking just in time, be prepared to spend a pretty penny, as most eateries will capitalise on the fact that it’s a special celebration.  So, if giving each other gifts is not quite your thing, but you don’t want to break the bank eating out either, why not try one of these:

  • Have a Carpet Picnic. You can order in your favourite meal – Sushi or Ocean Basket or Pizza. Or cook, if you like. Lay a nice blanket and some pillows down, play your favourite music and enjoy a romantic dinner in the comfort of your own home with a chilled glass of your favourite wine. Good thing is, you can finish the bottle, because there’s no driving involved 🙂  . When the sun has set, light some candles, and just unwind.

If the weather is good, why not take the picnic to the back yard. Seeing that it will be in the last month of summer, you will be happy to know that the sun is set to say goodbye at 19.42pm. on the day. This should give you ample time to enjoy a good meal before ending the night off with some star gazing.( Hopefully you don’t have nosey neighbours!)

If you don’t want to be at home, but also don’t also feel for an overcrowded restaurant, take your picnic to the beach and enjoy an amazing Cape Town sunset. Try Clifton 4th Beach. It’s quite a walk down to the beach from the main road making it quite a deterrent for most people. So, you and your honey will have adequate privacy to celebrate the special day. Pack in all his favourites, whether store bought or from your pantry, and make some special memories.

Cart Picnic

  • Book tickets for his favourite show. You know what he likes. Log onto the Computicket website and see what upcoming shows are happening in Feb that he would enjoy. Grab a quick take out meal before the show so dinner is taken care of.  And if you book the tickets after January payday, you will still be early enough to get good seats without having gone into overdraft.  January is salty crack month for most of us 🙂
  • Take the Sunset Bus from City Sightseeing Tour Operators. This is pretty romantic. You have a bird’s eye view of the city, while sipping on champagne. Pack your snacks/picnic basket in and enjoy the ride with a spectacular view. The bus departs at 18.00pm and stops at Signal Hill to watch an amazing sunset over the city.thUDM98F86.jpg
  • Take the Cable Car up to Table Mountain. No explanation required – the view from the top cannot be matched by pretty much anything.20160102_164348-1.jpg

It really doesn’t matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, as long as you make his day special. We often think that it is just the ladies that must be spoilt on the day, but the men in our lives also deserve some fuss, especially since they have to contend with strong women like us everyday :).

For those of you who don’t have someone special in your life right now, know that your prince charming is on his way! But until then, be your own prince, and find ways to make your day special. Hook up with your girls for some drinks or movies or a carpet picnic where there’s lots of wine, good food, and awesome conversation :).

Whichever way you choose to celebrate the day of Love this year, I hope it’s a memorable one.  xxx

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and its called Love – True Love ! Happy Valentine’s Day. “ – Author Unknown




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