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Out and About – Blaauwklippen Family Market

Blaauwklippen Family Market Stellenbosch

We really wanted to hit the beach yesterday. The weather over the past few days hasn’t been great with the South Easter howling, so we were so much hoping that it was going to be beach perfect weather.  But instead, we woke up to some dark clouds, and we knew that it wasn’t meant to be. We decided to spend the day at Blaauwklippen Wine Estate instead – hoping the weather was going to be better that side of the world. It was still cloudy when we arrived and after about a minute of light drizzle (which put the fear of God in me – my hair !), the sun won the battle and I was wishing I had worn a shorts instead!

We have never been to the estate or the market before and having heard so many great reviews, we decided to give it a try ourselves.

Situated in Stellenbosch, just off the R44, the wine estate hosts a family market every Sunday from 10.ooam to 15.oopm. Although the closing time is at 15.oopm, there were still lots of people there and they didn’t look as if they had any intention of leaving anytime soon, so I think it carries on for another hour or so.

Blaauwklippen Wine Estate Stellenbosch

It really is such a beautiful estate and makes for a perfect day out.  When we arrived, we first took a stroll around and explored the different parts of the property. There is just so much beauty to enjoy – the vineyards, the beautiful gardens and the mountains that provide the perfect backdrop. Old buildings dating back to the 1700s that have stood the test of time and huge trees that have been planted many, many moons ago.  Noel and I absolutely love old buildings and the history it holds, so we were in our element. A million photos later, we made our way to the market area.

The market is a reasonable size and hosts a variety of stalls from clothing, books, art, leather goodies and of course, the food stalls that there wasn’t a shortage of. Banting and wheat-free options alike, they really do cater for everyone.

Blaauwklippen Family Market - Stellenbosch - South Africa

There isn’t a shortage of seating either. Plenty of tables are in the middle of the market area under the trees, which was just perfect, because the day turned out to be really hot. There are also loads of shaded areas on the grass, ideal for a summer picnic.  We decided to chill on the grass with our food and drinks and just enjoy the activity and beauty around us. You also have the option of eating at the restaurant on site or do some wine tasting, if the market is a tad bit too busy for your liking.

 A big drawing card, is of course all the activities that they have for children. There were a few jumping castles (which are always a hit with children anywhere), horse rides, train rides, face painting and go-karting. They also have a small petting zoo which too was quite a hit. Other little ones were playing care-freely on the open grass while their parents had a bit of down-time still having them in full sight.

Kiddies activities at Blaauwklippen Family Market Stellenbosch Soth Africa

We will definitely go back again, because it was such a relaxing Sunday away from the hustle and the bustle in the suburbs. If you haven’t yet been, I suggest you take your kids and see for yourself. Entry is free and there is plenty of parking in walking distance from the market. So, the next time you are looking for something low-key to do, head on out to Stellenbosch for a lovely day with your loved ones and make some unforgettable memories.

More information can be found on the website:

Sunday fun at Blaauwklippen Family Market Stellenbosch

“We didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.”- Author Unknown



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