Be specific about the company you keep…

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Be very specific about the company you keep…

You may be thinking that it is quite an odd thing to say, seen that we just started the new year and everyone is still in their happiness bubble. This is off course until next week when reality will kick in, as many people go back to work!  However, speaking about this very touchy subject at the beginning of the year,  is probably the best time to speak about it. You see,  the new year is a time when we set out intentions for the time that lies ahead. It is a time when we decide what our goals are and the things we want to change etc.  so that this year will be better than the last one. One of the things that will undoubtedly bring you more happiness, is spending time with the right people.

I remember so clearly when I was little, we used to play with all the other kids in the neighbourhood. Whether it was “Hocks” or “Hide and seek” or “Dodgeball” , we all played nicely together and the only nastiness I experienced was perhaps a friend that didn’t want to share her lollipop or icecream with me. Our only aim in life back then was to be happy and have as much fun as we could. Wouldn’t it be so nice if we were all still so sweet and innocent, as we were back then?

The hard truth is, that we are not.  The game of life has changed a lot since we were in kindergarten. As we grew up, society conditioned us to believe that jealousy and envy were natural and perfectly normal tendencies to have,  if someone has something you wish you had.  These days it’s more like we are living in a daily game of “Survivor”, where the strongest are eliminated so that weak can win, even if  it is a shallow victory. Instead of us harvesting a society where hard work and determination is fostered, we are led to believe that backstabbing, deceit and winning at any cost, is what it takes to survive in the world today. All of this has made it extremely difficult to know when people are genuine these days. It’s hard to see beneath all the layers of deceit what people’s true intentions are and sadly, more often than not, people are just out to use you, for whatever reasons they may have.

True friends, in this day and age, are really hard to come by. I’m not speaking about the bunch you hang out with once a month for a braai or go out with for some drinks. I’m talking about real friends. The people who are there for you when you are at your lowest. People who honestly enjoy what you are all about – the good and the not so good.People that want to be around you. People who feel that their lives have been enriched just having you apart of it. Those who don’t see you as the next target to be eliminated. We all know the well-known saying ” Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Well, sometimes you are viewed as the enemy even if you are under the illusion that you are a friend.

We have all been there – betrayed by  someone we thought of as a friend or a colleague you thought you got along with so well. That’s why it is so important to choose wisely who you spend your time with. Friends, colleagues, acquaintances alike. It is important that you be specific about the company you keep…You may not be able to choose your work colleagues, but you can choose to spend as little time as possible with those you know are have ulterior motives.

Besides the betrayal and the pain that comes with uncovering a superficial relationship, you must also be cognisant of the fact that as human beings, we all carry energy. And people who are deceitful, carry negative energy.Energy that can comprise you reaching the goals you set to be happier and more successful in 2017. Energy you don’t need in your life. You want to be around those that lift your spirits and this is a tell-tale sign. Good people leave you feeling joyful and energised, opposed to drained and fearful, like you always have to watch your back when you are around them. Your gut instinct never lies about these things.

It really isn’t an easy thing to accept – the fact that some people actually don’t want to see you succeed. The sad truth is that some people may feel threatened either by something your have that they want or something you are working towards that makes them feel like you will be better than them if you got it. So what do they do, they curse you or they wish that bad things will happen to you or your family or they wish that your plans for success will fail. And they are do all of this while sipping on cocktails, smiling at you, as you ramble on about what you want to achieve this year. Wolf is sheep’s clothing…

So with it being the beginning of 2017, you have an opportunity to take stock of the people around you and decide for yourself whose worthy of your time and friendship. You have the golden opportunity to only take the good ones along with you on your journey forward. The ones that want to see you succeed and achieve the goals you set for 2017. The ones that see your victories as their own. The ones that see your failures as their own. In the world we live in today, here competition is the order of the day, you will find that this is probably only a handful of people. And that’s okay, because the even a few helping you along is a whole lot better than hundreds trying to hold you back. So, again, be very specific about the company you keep…

” Surround yourself with beautiful and positive people, who love you and believe in you.” – Bryan McGill




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