DIY – Christmas by the Ocean Theme – Napkin Rings, Centre Piece, Candle Holders and a Wooden Christmas Tree

As promised, below is a complete How To for the DIY Christmas by the Ocean themed Christmas Table Settings.

Napkin Rings


What you will need:

Toilet Paper Rolls

Hessian Ribbon





Components of Ocean Themed Napkin Rings - Glue, String/Rope, Scissors, Toilet Papr Rolls, Sea Shells  and Hessian Ribbon


What to do:

Cut the Toilet Paper Rolls in half with the Scissors. Each Roll makes 2 Napkin Rings.

Cut the Hessian Ribbon to size – slightly longer than needed to go once around the Toilet Paper Roll.

Add some Glue and secure the one end of the Hessian Ribbon – allow to dry.

In the meantime, cut the Rope/String in 12 centimetre lengths.

Place some Glue on the top end of each Shell and place it in the middle of the cut Rope/String – allow to dry.

Once the one side of the Hessian Ribbon has dried, glue the other side closed, completely covering the raw Toilet Paper Roll. Allow to dry.

Tie the Shells around the Toilet Paper Rolls. And there you go! Beautiful and Inexpensive Christmas by the Ocean Napkin Rings! Add some greenery if you like to bring in added natural elements.

An added bonus – the Shells are not permanently attached, so the Napkin Ring can be used again for another occasion. Maybe add some Lavender flowers, Ribbon or Roses or anything you like depending on the theme of your occasion!

Ocean Centre Piece


What you  will need:

Big round Glass Vase

Sea Sand

Shells, small rocks, pebbles,  drift wood, feathers and anything from the ocean

Pillar Candles – different heights as it adds dimension

Tea light candles

Pine cones

Hessian Cloth

Round Cake Stand


What to do:

Measure the Hessian cloth so that it can be wrapped over the cake stand but not be too long.

Use a piece of Rope to secure the Hessian cloth.

Place the sea sand in the Glass Vase.

Place the Pillar Candles in the middle on top of the sand.

Using the shells, rocks and twigs etc. to decorate around the candles.

Place the Vase on the Cake stand.

Use some of the leftover shells as candle holders for the Tea Light candles spacing them nicely around the vase.

Finish it off with the Pine cones in between the shells.

Wooden Christmas Tree



What you will need:

4 branches – all different sizes with the leaves removed



White Aerosol Paint

1 Food Tin – washed and wrapper removed

Small bag of Ready Mix Cement

Shells and Anchors for decorating

Small stones or pebbles or Sea Sand



What to do:

On a flat surface, lay down some newspaper.

Place the branches on the newspaper.

Using the Aerosol Paint, spray the branches lightly. You want to have a lime wash effect. Allow to dry.

While they are drying, spray the Food Tin on the outside only.

Once the branches are dried, using the longest branch as your trunk, place the others on top of the trunk using the smallest to the longest from top to bottom. This allows it to look like a Christmas tree. Allow for ample spacing between them as your decorations must not look too cluttered when hanging on them.

Glue the branches on the spots and use the rope to secure each branch to its spot on the trunk branch.

Mix the ready-mix cement with some water.

Place the wooden Christmas tree inside the tin and fill it  ¾ of the way with the cement mix.

Allow to harden and use string on either side to keep the Christmas tree straight and in the middle.

This should take a few hours at most to harden.

Once it is hard, decorate your tree as you wish – hang the shells, anchors etc. on the branches like Christmas tree decorations.

Place some Sea Sand or Pebbles on top of the cement in the tin to conceal the cement and add a nice finishing touch.

The tree can be used year after year, using different decorations to co-incide with your theme.

Candle Holders


What you will need:

2 used Tuna Tins – cleaned and wrapper removed




Pillar candles



What to do:

Wrap the Rope around the Tin – use some glue at the beginning and at the end again to secure the rope and ensure it doesn’t move.

Glue some Shells to the Rope and allow to dry.

And there you go! Christmas By the Ocean Themed Table settings. I had so much fun creating these. I hope that I may have inspired you to create some DIY Christmas table settings yourself this year 🙂 .

What do you think? I would love to know – leave a message in the comments section below 🙂

” Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons.” – Demi Lovato








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