Christmas by the Ocean – 2016

I just love everything about Christmas. I’m one of those people who wait for Christmas Day the entire year and as soon as it is over, I start waiting for the next one 🙂  .  There is just something special about this time of year. It’s a time spent with those near and dear, lots of celebrations, presents, food, laughter and lots of memories made. For some of us it the first year without a loved one and for others we have additions to the family that came along. Either way, we cherish the moments we get to spend with our families and friends over  a delightful meal, because we never know what next year Christmas might look like.

I love setting the Christmas table for our family lunch. It has been a tradition for many years that the table will always be beautifully decorated in honour of the joyous and special occasion. And for as long as I can remember, creating this delightful setting has been my job, a job I gladly do with much joy and enthusiasm!

I decided that this year, the theme would be “Christmas by the Ocean”. Noel and I spend so much of our time at the beach and both our holidays abroad have been to islands, so I was naturally drawn to this theme. Another reason is that our entertainment room already boasts this theme and so I could incorporate some of the décor items for our Christmas lunch, which made things a little easier on the pocket this year.

I also created a few DIY pieces and I am extremely happy with the way they turned out. I got a few ideas on Pinterest but tweaked some here and there to add my own flair and personal touch.

First up,  is my centre piece for the main table. I created this beautiful and inexpensive Ocean bowl centre piece. The bowl itself was purchased a few months ago for our coffee table. I added some sea sand, candles, shells, seaweed, feathers, drfitwood and rocks – all collected over the years from our travels to different coastal places.  I wrapped my cake stand with some Hessian cloth and this made for the perfect stand for the ocean bowl.

Ocean themed centre piece - Glass bowl with sea sand, shells, seaweed, rocks, feathers, driftwood and clay ocean memorabilia

 Second up –  was the centre piece for the children’s table. With my niece being just under three years old, there was no way that I could trust having her around a big glass bowl, so I made a Wooden Christmas Tree with ocean memorabilia to bring in the beach effect. I also made two candle holders to go on either side to finish the look off elegantly.

DIY Wooden Ocean Themed Christmas Tree and DIY Ocean Themed Candle Holders

Lastly –  the Ocean Themed Napkin Rings. We collected so many shells over the years and I thought that it would be perfect if I could incorporate them into the napkin rings. The shells placed against the stark whiteness of the napkins gives it such a graceful ocean feel.  They were so easy to make and didn’t cost a fortune.

DIY - Ocean Themed Napkin Rings

I can’t wait to see how everything is going to come together and hopefully it will turn out exactly how I picture it in my mind. I’m very excited,  and will share a picture of how it all turned out. I will also be posting a “How To” on all the DIY items I created. Perhaps you will be inspired to create a few pieces yourself for your celebrations! These really were quick and easy to make and extremely inexpensive.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Blessed New Year! Let us not forget the true reason for the season!

I hope that 2017 will be kinder to us and that all our hopes and dreams will come true 🙂 .

“He who has not Christmas in his heart, will not find it under a tree.” – Roy L Smith




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