DIY Square Christmas Wreath

I love Christmas and everything about it. For those of you who know me, you can attest to the fact that every Christmas, I make a huge effort to make our Christmas table look absolutely beautiful. And this year, God willing, it  will be no different 🙂 . Adding my personal touch to such a joyous occasion brings me so much joy.

As a family, we rotate the venue for where we will be celebrating Christmas lunch and this year, it will be hosted at our house. Although the venue changes annually , I am always in charge of the table no matter where we are going to eat. It’ s my thing – I just love a beautiful Christmas setting!

I like the traditions that come with Christmas, but I also love to spice things up a bit and have a different theme every year. This year the theme is very uncommon,  but I will let  you in on the secret a little later.I cannot wait to share it with you! Just know,  that I’m already done with all my DIY decorations for the celebration and literally cannot wait! I’m counting down the days :). DIY projects tend to calm my busy brain down, which is why I enjoy them so much.

We bought a Christmas Wreath a few years back and we always hang it on the front door. We also put lights in all the windows, so the wreath adds a wonderful finishing touch. This year when we took the box of Christmas decorations out, we noticed that the wreath has had its days. The bows were cream instead of red and the greenery has faded because of the sun. It was a sign that a new wreath was required. So, I made one!

I didn’t want to go with the conventional round wreath, so I made a square one!

Here is what I used:

4  branches – trimmed of their leaves. (We took them from neighbours tree hanging into our garden – it’s on our property, so we can trim it when need be and it came in handy for my wreath.)



Red Ribbon

And whatever decorations you want to add as embellishments. I used 6 red baubles, fabric leaves and a piece of plastic gold chain.


Here is what to do:

Cut the branches to be the same size.

Place the branches in a square and tie them together with the string.

Weave the Tinsel around from the one end to the next and glue the ends to the branches to secure it.


Weave the Red Ribbon and the Gold chain around and glue them to the wood.

Glue 3 baubles on top of 3 fabric leaves and allow to dry. Repeat.  Once dried, glue them to opposite sides of the wreath.


Add whatever other decorations you have at home, like pines cones, Merry Christmas signs or bows, even dried oranges or lemons. You can literally go mad with your ideas. I wanted a “ less is more” look, so I decided to leave it as it and if I must say so myself, my Square Christmas Wreath is just beautiful 🙂  .

Use some Red Ribbon to hang the wreath on your front door or on your wall. Nothing says Christmas quite like a beautiful Christmas Wreath!

Square Christmas Wreath made from scrath hanging on the front door


“ Its Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air”. – Author Unknown

Let me know what DIY Christmas décor you have in mind, I would love to know…




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