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Reflexology – This is no foot massage

In April this year, I started seeing a reflexologist once a week. At my first appointment, I was asked to remove my shoes and lie down on the flat bed. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect having never had reflexology before. My therapist introduced herself and asked why I was seeking reflexology treatment. Once the formalities and paperwork was out of the way, she sat at the edge of the bed and stared at my feet. There was complete silence in the room and she stared at the right foot first, then the left and moved in between them from time to time. Minutes later, she started massaging my right foot. Several areas where pressure was applied hurt like hell and I even cried involuntarily because of the pain. She apologised, but continued. I kept thinking why does she continue if she knows that I’m getting hurt, but had to remind myself that pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and that’s why I was there, to heal what was wrong.

At the end of the session, she said to me “Do you have sinusitis?” to which I replied “Yes”. In 2009, I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. She went on to say that she sees my lower back, my endocrine system, my digestive system, and left shoulder all require serious work. I was in complete shock. I got home that evening and said to Noel that I couldn’t believe that she identified so many areas just by looking and massaging my feet. I didn’t tell her anything aside from why I was there – which was to help my body from the effects of the miscarriages I had suffered before.

As the weeks progressed the pressure she applied increased and I was in more and more pain. Every week I left her office with red eyes and a runny nose. And when I got home, Noel would ask, what did she hurt now again? It felt like my sessions with Kveta were all about pain. But it wasn’t that she was purposefully hurting me, but rather that my body was in a poor state. I became accustomed to the fact that every week I would cry and that every week I was healing my body little by little. It’s been seven months since my first session and I am happy to say the pain is beginning to subside. This is a good sign – a sign that my body is healing and responding well to the treatment. There is hope!

Whoever said that reflexology was a foot massage couldn’t be more wrong. Although a massage technique is used to stimulate reflexes in the body, this alternative healing treatment is no fun. The areas that require the most work are often the ones that the therapist concentrates on and are the ones that bring you to tears – literally. There were times when I asked Kveta why it’s so sore and her answer was always that she is concentrating on the areas that are most inflamed.

It didn’t surprise me that my body was in trouble. Many years in a stressful job and most days it feels as if I have a knot in my stomach that doesn’t ease up no matter how much I tried to relax. Little did I know that every time I stressed, my body was releasing hormones that had adverse effects at the rate they were being released and as a result, several systems in my body wasn’t and still isn’t functioning as it should, even after 7 months of treatment.

You may be wondering what reflexology is. Per website, Reflexology is a healing art therapy whereby pressure is applied to the hands and/or feet to activate reflex points of the organs in the body.

The pressure is spread among the many nerve endings, there are more than 7000 on one foot alone, and opens up pathways of energy that may have been congested. Oils and lotion can be used for sensational value but are said to interfere with the direct nerve stimulation.”

Reflexology can be used to help treat several ailments including sinusitis, shoulder pain, back pain, sleep disorders and digestive issues to name a few. It is a completely natural form of therapy that can help you live a happier and healthier life.

I speak from experience when I say that the treatment has changed my life. I am now aware of which areas of my body requires more healing and help from me in terms of stress, food choices and lifestyle in general. Because of the therapy, I discovered that I am sensitive to wheat, gluten, diary, and sugar. I have removed these triggers from my diet as far as possible and have seen remarkable results. Not only have I managed to maintain my weight, but my chronic sinusitis is less reactive to common triggers and my digestive system seems to be working much better. Yes, these systems all required a lot more work, but if I look back at where I was before I started the treatment, there is a vast difference and a good one!

If you suspect that your body isn’t functioning as well as it could be and are willing to try alternative healing methods, you may want to seek the help of an experienced reflexologist. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much it could change your life.







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