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When I saw the Photo Challenge for the week, I was trying to think what I could to write about that was tiny or small. I walked through my house and couldn’t believe all the tiny things I have. I think that it’s safe to say that I am slightly obsessed with tiny things:) .

I don’t know why, but I always seem to buy the miniature version of something or collect miniature samples of things. Anything from bubble bath, to dental floss, nail varnish, hair oil and the list is endless. The picture above only depicts a very small percentage of all the small or tiny things I have bought or collected over the years.  Could it be because I’m small and have tiny feet? (I wear a SA size 3 or UK 36 making it virtually impossible to find shoes!). I don’t know.

But even though all these things are small, it doesn’t make it less effective or decrease its ability to serve its purpose. For example, the miniature size Sparitual nail varnish I bought, still colours my nails just as it’s bigger version would. The small Bible I have still gives me the encouragement I need to start my day. The travel size Golden Delicious perfume, still smells just as divine as the perfume in its regular size bottle would. My pocket size Photo Album still holds memories near and dear to my heart. The tiny Christmas cracker still gives off a loud bang when it’s pulled.  The tiny Teddy Bear I bought for the baby I miscarried, still gives me comfort when I think back to that day. The list is endless and I’m sure you get the point. Being small takes nothing away from these things. Its size doesn’t make it inferior or defective or less valuable.

And then there is David and Goliath. As small as he was, David still killed a giant! Moses parted the Red Sea. Being small doesn’t make you less powerful.

And the same goes for the small things in life. So many of us, including me, have gone through the greater part of our lives waiting on the “big” moments to happen.  For me, it was the big “30”. I was so excited to turn 30. I threw a big party and had a fantastic time with friends and family. But looking back, the day didn’t feel any different to any other birthday. My life didn’t change drastically because I turned 30. So why had I placed so much importance on one year when all my years are worth celebrating?

Then there was my graduation. It was as if I hadn’t passed until they capped me and I held that scroll so tightly in my hands. Why? Even if I hadn’t graduated, it wouldn’t take away the fact that I still passed all my subjects. It wouldn’t take away the hard work and sacrifices that I made. Landing the dream job is another example. The dream jobs everyone wants from the day you leave school or college, but has no idea what this dream job is.

The only thing I can see that waiting for all these “big” things have done, was steal my joy of the moment. Every birthday is special no matter how old you are. It means that you were blessed to see another year with friends and family. It means that you are a little wiser and gained some more experience in life through all the challenges, sadness, bliss, happiness, frustration, victories, failures and the joys. The dream job – well the job you have now can be your dream job. It can bring you so much joy if you do what you love.

 Learn to celebrate everything in life – even the small and the tiny. Live in the moment and learn to see even the smallest achievements, the slightest joys, silliest dreams, the tiniest hopes for what they are. Just because they are small doesn’t mean that they are not important. Because you never know when it could be your last moment of joy, your last dream, your last hope.

So… smile when you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, even if you look like a freak and people are staring at you. Laugh, even if you are the only one who found the joke funny. Sing as loud as you want to a song that brings back such happy memories, even if you have the worst voice ever. Whatever you do – celebrate the small and the tiny things in life just as you would the big ones.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes about tiny things:

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realise they were the big things.” – Author Unknown

“In this life we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with love.”  – Mother Theresa

“Big things often have small beginnings.”- Author Unknown









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