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Taking care of my skin is taking care of me

You probably know that your skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ. Your skin protects you – it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. So why is it that it tends to be the one thing most people neglect?

More and more people are taking their health and wellbeing seriously today. We are exercising more and making better food choices. We realise that to keep our bodies strong and healthy, we need to treat it well and give it the attention it deserves so that it can serve us well. But when it comes to our skin, most of us don’t realise the important role it plays in our everyday wellbeing and at most, a quick shower, sometimes followed by a moisturiser,  is all the time it gets. Why is this so?

Well, I think it’s because our lives are just so busy. Everything is urgent these days.  After doing the hundred and ten other chores when you get home from work, there is very little time left for anything else, little alone a lengthy skin care routine. We want something quick and easy, yet effective. Another reason is that we underestimate the harsh effects of the sun. Skin damage takes a while before it shows, so it is usually only after it is too late, that we realise our skin required a little more attention than what we gave it.

I’m one of those people. My skin care regime consists of a quick wash, sometimes, if I remember and have time, a toner and my moisturiser. I occasionally use a serum and face oil, but I must admit it is not everyday. There is just so much to do, that the thought of having to add more steps to my regime is a dreadful one.  But, I am, like most other people, doing myself a huge injustice. Just like your body needs exercise and good food to perform optimally, so too does your skin require a good regime using products suited for your needs.

Think about it. When people bump into you or meet you for the first time, your face is the first thing that they will see. So even if you have the best exercise routine and eat only the healthiest foods, if you don’t look after your skin, your face will look aged and neglected. Having said that, even an exercise routine has certain steps that must be followed for you to get the best out of it. You don’t skip the warm up  because you know that it could have adverse effects. Likewise, your skin care regime has certain steps that need to be followed to give you the best results and ultimately, the younger and healthier complexion we all want.

I attended a skin care event hosted by Dermalogica in conjunction with ghd and Red Carpet Concepts.  I attended because I know that my hurried beauty regime needs some work and I am convinced that I am missing some crucial steps in the process. So, I wanted to speak to the professionals and see how I could change this.

Photo Credit : Red Carpet Concepts


Once I was seated and settled, a skin care therapist– Anja- began explaining what the evening would entail.  I was to be treated, firstly, with a full-face mapping skin analysis followed by a free treatment. Yay!


Anja placed some odd-looking device on her face – it looked like one of those virtual reality headsets. Not knowing what to expect, I sat back and her get on with it.  She started touching my face and noted her diagnosis on the skin analysis worksheet as she went along. It detailed which areas of my face were “problematic” and which products were recommended to target these specific areas. She explained my results to me in detail and advised that the treatment she was about to do would be customised according to her analysis.

Face mapping analysis being performed

She started with a pre-cleanse wipe which was  followed by a cleansing cream. I asked her why both a face wipe and a cleanser was used considering they do the same thing and she explained that although the cleanser does remove make-up and dirt, most times it doesn’t remove everything. The face wipe helps to ensures that everything is taken off so that the toner can work from a squeaky clean base. But it is not absolutely crucial to use the face wipe first, a good cleanser should do a pretty good job by itself.  Toner – as I mentioned before in the Fresh My Life post, opens the pores and allows the treatments and moisturiser to penetrate deep into the skin. After the toner was applied, I was treated to their Daily Resurfacer exfoliator, (which removes dead skin cells and allows treatments to better penetrate the skin), followed by their new Phyto Replenish Oil, (a luminous and hydrating treatment) and lastly, their Hydroblur Primer (which smoothes away fine lines and prepares the skin for make-up application).   I was happy with the way the products left my skin – it felt soft and velvety and not oily at all. I could now apply my face powder to a perfectly clean canvass.

The event was very informative. Throughout each step, Anja kept me informed of what she was doing and what the product was used for. She was very knowledgeable and answered any questions that I had. I was given my full skin analysis worksheet to take home and was informed that I would also be receiving an email in a few days explaining each product in further detail and providing me with the steps I should follow to get the best out of my existing products, which are not Dermalogioca products.


For years I thought I had an oily/combination skin and have been buying products for this skin type. However, much to my surprise, the analysis showed that I have a dry skin and the oil is my skin’s way of overcompensating for the lack of hydration. Had I not attended, I would never have guessed and continued wasting my money on products that wasn’t really helping me. I highly recommend anyone to have the face mapping skin analysis done. If you know what you dealing with, you know where to start!

I purchased the exfoliator she used on my face because it is the one product I don’t have at home. Although this was quite pricey, I figured that if I have one good product as part of my regime, I’m off to a good start. And if my evening wasn’t pleasant enough, Dermalogica through in a free gift as a little thank you for attending the event 🙂 .

Thank you Dermalogica for helping me take better care of my skin. And thank you Red Carpet Concepts for the yummy snacks and wine!

The yummy food and snacks

“Skincare is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure” – Karen Grant



ghd was there to ensure we had amazing hair with our pretty faces 🙂


For more pics of the event, follow the link Red Carpet Concepts.

All the pics above are my own, except where the photo credit is specifically mentioned.


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