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Out and About – Bellydancing, running for a cause and cheesecake !

I’m tired! But it’s a good tired. The kind that makes you smile. The kind that makes you have no regrets. The kind that comes when you had a wonderfully busy weekend!

Our weekend started off quite strangely. Noel and I had planned a date night on Friday and decided to try out a place that we have never been to before. We love going to new places and making new memories so when we heard about Mesopotamia in the CBD, we thought it would make a great date night adventure. Boy, did we have fun. Our night started out with us having to first stop off at the V&A Waterfront mall. Woolworths SA turns 85 this year and are running a competition where you could win Woolies vouchers. Me being the Woolies ambassador I am (I wish, but if they knew how much I spend at their store, they would make me their ambassador!), our date night couldn’t start unless I had a pic at the Woolies stand in the centre court.

Me standing between the Woolworths manequins for the Woolworths Sout Africa turns 85 competition

I was quite glammed up with it being our date night and all and I was a little concerned that I would need to parade that like in the mall. But I reminded myself of the Woolies voucher that could be mine and made our way to centre court. People stared at me like I was crazy because I had to take quite a few pictures before I was happy and ready to post them on Instagram, but I didn’t care. I must admit.  I’m loving the new me. The one that doesn’t care if people think I’m weird or crazy. I’m loving this new-found confidence!

Arriving at Mesopotamia, I was a little nervous because we had no idea what Kurdish food was. To be honest I was a tad bit overdressed, but as Oscar Wilde once said – “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”. We were greeted by a friendly waitress and taken to our table. The restaurant is decorated with antic Tribal Kurdish rugs hanging on the walls and the only lighting comes from dim candles making the ambience quite romantic.  We also loved that patrons must sit on cushions on the floor around old Kurdish metal tables. I thought that was awesome! The food is served tapas style with our starter being a meze platter made up of naan bread, isot kebabs, zozans, humus, ispanak tamara, dolmades, jajik. Our mains course was the platter to share which included: iskender, yagni, chicken guvec, guvec, chicken beyti, chicken kebab and dessert was baklava with ice cream. To be completely honest, when the waiter explained to us what we would be having, we didn’t have a cooking clue what she was talking about – all I heard was ice-cream and I was sold! 🙂 . The food was delicious – different – but delicious!


But the real highlight of the evening was the belly dancer. This woman managed to hypnotise all our us with her sensual moves that transported us to another place and time. Her eyes were deep and engaging and I felt like she was looking into my soul. After entertaining us with her amazing moves that made my six pack in the making run for hills, she invited all of us to the middle of the floor and taught us some Kurdish dance moves. This was a first for us. Noel and I are not used to being participants but rather observers. It’s safer that way – there is no risk of being laughed at or ridiculed. But this time I decided to hell with that, I wanted to participate and boy did I have fun. I found that once I let go of my fear of who was watching and what they were thinking, I had the time of my life. We all joined hands and went around the entire restaurant stopping occasionally to learn a new move or two – I loved every minute of it. And if I looked foolish or stupid, I couldn’t care less, because I had so much fun just living and enjoying the moment. All in all, we had a wonderful time at Mesopotamia and will definitely go back.

Bellydancing at Mesopotamia

Belly – dancing at Mesopotamia – Kurdish Restaurant


 Saturday morning, we were up early as we were participating in a 5km walk to raise funds for the Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa. This foundation has a special place in my heart. Noel knows that if something should happen to me, I would want to be able to help someone else with any organ or tissue they can harvest to save another person’s life. Although, it was a fun walk, we decided that we wanted to run part of the distance to get the most out of the exercise. The route was all along the promenade in Sea Point which meant we had the most spectacular view the entire way. After the race, some of the recipients of the foundation had an opportunity to thank the supporters and tell us which organ transplants saved their lives. This was really, such a special moment and again, we were reminded why getting up at 6.15am on a Saturday morning was all worthwhile. It was an honour to be part of this event and we look forward to the next one.


 We spent our Sunday afternoon, exploring our favourite weekend adventure go to – Kalk Bay and once again it didn’t disappoint. Lunch was at the Bootlegger Coffee Company which is on the main road. They make the best coffee and if you love “people watching “as much as I do, this is the perfect spot. After lunch we strolled around, soaking up the sun and enjoyed the laid-back buzz, that only Kalk Bay has. I don’t know what it is, but everyone there seems to be on their own buzz. Yes, there are those vendors on the pavement selling something to give you your own buzz, but jokes aside, it’s the care-free, relaxed vibe that I think people are drawn to. It’s so different from the Camps Bay strip where, if you don’t look like a model and sip on cocktails at Café Caprice, you haven’t made it in life.  Don’t get me wrong, we like sipping on cocktails in Camps Bay occasionally, but we would do Kalk Bay any day! There just isn’t that pressure you know, which is just what we like – an easy day! We ended our busy but wonderful weekend with cheese cake and a chocolate sundae and called it a day. I loved our busy weekend. Fun, good food and sunshine – just the way I like it.


 I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too!

“Calories don’t count on the weekends!”- Author Unknown




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