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Kicking my fear in the balls with the help of the Kardashians!

I attended the Kardashian Beauty event last night. It was hosted by GlamItSA and Foschini, which didn’t surprise me, since they are one of the biggest fashion and beauty retailers in the country. Trouble is, I didn’t have anyone to go with me. The invitation stated that the dress code was “Kardashian Glam” so I naturally thought it was an all ladies event, ruling out my husband as a plus one. My sister who usually is my side kick for events such as these, couldn’t make it. So, I was once again faced with the decision of do I go alone or not go at all.

Me holidng a balloon with Kardashian Beauty printed on it

About a week ago, I challenged myself to try and do one thing every day that scared me. Going to this event alone with all my fears, silly or not, fell nicely into this category, so I decided that I would be my own plus one. But I had to ask myself why going to the event alone scared me? What was it, that I afraid of?

I sat down and actually found myself having a conversation with myself. As Carmen 1 pointed out all the reasons I shouldn’t go based on my fears, Carmen 2 came up with a counter argument and won the debate. I realised that for me personally, sometimes I have all these fears in my head and they overwhelm me. But when I take the take to examine each one of them, some of them are quite silly and others come from beliefs that stem from past experiences.Me at the Kardashian Beauty event hosted by GlamItSA and Foschini with Pongracz champagneWhen we got to the mall, people were staring at me because I was dressed up in high heels and a beautiful red lipstick – not quite the attire one wears to go shopping.  As they passed by and stared, I laughed out of nervousness.  And the more and more people who stared, the more I laughed. And the more I realised that I was facing one of my fears right then and there and it wasn’t so bad. It’s true,  sometimes you have to laugh Fear in the face and it goes away!

Kardashian Beauty Hair Range

The event turned out to be fantastic and I was so, so happy I decided to go. There was champagne on ice, photographers, the media and some high rollers in the fashion and beauty industry. Everyone was dressed up so glamorously, I didn’t feel out of place or overdressed at all – fear debunked! There are quite a few products in their range and  I hope to try a few of them out for myself.  I even got a photograph with a well-known model and blogger – Ashleigh Herman! There is a story in there as well. I was reluctant to ask her for a picture because I thought that maybe she would be nasty or stuck up being a model and all. But then I asked myself what are chances of me getting a picture with her again? So, I puckered up some courage and asked her anyway.  And she said Yes! (I know – it sounds like I proposed to her, doesn’t it? LOL) She was actually very nice about it. Before the picture was taken, she made sure the lighting was right where we were standing, although she would look stunning even in the poorest lighting!

Myself and Ashleigh Herman

And there again, another fear debunked. If you are afraid to ask, the answer will always be No. This goes for anything in life. Whether it be a photograph with a model, or a salary increase or help from a friend or colleague. If you don’t ask, the answer is always No. If you ask and the answer is Yes – you win.  And even if you do and the answer turns out to be No, you overcame a fear and gained courage and bravery, so you still win!

Me holding some Kardashian Beauty Products

Looking back now, I overcame so many of my fears in one night. Some big ones and some little ones, but I choose to celebrate them all! I choose to celebrate my bravery because that is what it comes down to. When you face a fear, it is courage and bravery ( and sometimes laughter)  that gets you safely to the other side. We should always challenge ourselves when something scares us. Ask yourself, are your fears warranted or are they just ghosts from the past paying you a visit. You can either spend the night with Casper the friendly Ghost or get Ghost Busters in and have the time of your life!

Me holidng a barrel brush from the Kardashian Beauty Hair product range

“Fear is an idea-crippling, experience -crushing,  success- stalling inhibitor, inflicted only by yourself. ” – Stephanie Melish




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