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No-one likes a Copycat

via Daily Prompt: Copycat

What does the word copycat mean? Well, according to Oxford Dictionary, a copycat is a person who copies another’s behaviour, dress, or ideas.

It’s so ironic that the daily prompt for today is copycat, because I believe I may very well be the “muse” of a copycat. I’m not quite sure if that is the correct term to describe the person being copied 🙂 .

I have this one friend. Every time I do something, anything, she goes out and replicates it. It doesn’t matter if it is an item of clothing I own or a photo I’ve taken or a place we’ve recently visited. Low and behold, within the next few days it will be proven on her Facebook wall that she has bought it, taken the same exact picture or visited the same exact place.

When I first started noticing this behaviour, I became angry. I thought to myself, “Why must people be that way? Why cant people just leave you to live your life and they get on with theirs?” Then my hubby and I chatted and he said that maybe I must look at it from a different perspective. He said that maybe I inspire this person and that I should be somewhat flattered by the behaviour. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and left it. But then, the occurrences were just increasing by the day and it even got to the point that I would make a bet that within the next few days, my “friend” will be letting me know that she is “watching” me. And I won the bet every single time.

Now, I’m all for inspiring and I will be honest. I have to gone out and bought a similar  item of clothing as someone I’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram. But it was definitely not to want to be that person and I most definitely did not make it known on social media that I now own the  same thing. I bought it because I liked it and I thought that the person looked nice in it and maybe I would too.

I think there is a very fine line between being inspired by someone and being a copycat. When you are inspired, you become a better version of yourself because of your “muse” . You may start buying similar things or doing similar things, but it’s because you feel good about yourself and you feel that this person has brought about a positive change in you. There isn’t any shame in what you’ve done and if you were confronted about it, you could in all honesty and wholeheartedly admit that this person inspires you to better yourself. It comes from a good place. That’s being inspired. And that’s perfectly fine.

The flip side of the coin is being a copycat. This is when you buy things or do things, to prove to the “muse” that you can also have it or experience it. Or when you do it just because you muse did it so you must too.  This, in my book, does not come from a good place, but rather a dark and lonely place. When you go through your life replicating every move of someone else, it proves that there may be underlying issues that you need to address. It could be self-esteem issues or insecurities that need to be looked at.

We all have our inspirational muses . For most people these are celebrities or people who do profound work and they inspire you to better  yourself. Or to go out and make the world a better place. Or to believe that dreams can come true.  But when you get to a point where you are literally living this person’s life. Watching their every move and then replicating it. This is when the light bulb moment should occur for you that something isn’t quite right.

No-one likes a copycat. We all like to inspire. But living my life, replicating my ideas….that’s actually just sad. And when you look in the mirror, no matter how many things you have copied, you will never feel fulfilled and you will want to do more and more copying.

The reality is that it will never be enough. Until one day you are honest with yourself and admit that all the copying didn’t give you the satisfaction you were looking for. It didn’t fill the empty space inside.  And that’s because no amount of copying can ever replace Self-love.

When you love yourself, you know that you are enough. You know that you are capable of brilliant ideas. You know that you are capable of living a fantastic life without having to replicate someone else’s. You realise that we are all placed on this earth for a particular reason and you will never be able to fulfil your life’s purpose if you are busy living someone else’s. Being you. Being authentic. Being original. That’s what manifests a good life. That’s what manifests the life of your dreams. So go out there. Be yourself – you never know who will be inspired by You just being You. There are enough knockoffs in this world. We need more Originals 🙂 .

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy”. – John Mason





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