Fresh My Life Workshop

I attended the Fresh My Life Worksop in Woodstock on 3 September. I saw the event on Facebook and thought it would be a nice to attend, especially since it was the start of spring and I would get the kick start to a healthier, fresher me 🙂 . My partner in crime (my sister) couldn’t make it and so I had to decide –  do I go alone or do I sit this one out and go next time. I ended up going my myself and it was probably the best thing that could have happened. I got to choose which workshops I wanted to attend without having to consider someone else’s needs and quite enjoyed the freedom it allowed me. And the funny thing was, I was so worried I would be the only one there who came alone, but it turns out there were lots of “admit ones” walking around and no-one thought anything of it.

The workshop started at 9am with a Yoga session and ended at 5pm with Fashion Tips and Trends for s/s 2017 presented by Spree. The venue was split into four sections, so that throughout the day, every hour, a different workshop was being facilitated. These  included Healthy Eating, Dance, Work-Life Balance, Beauty and Grooming. Attendees could decide which ones they wanted to attend, making it a stress free, no pressure event!Fresh My Life Worskhop Programme

I arrived at the workshop just before 10am, although I really would have loved to have attended the Yoga session at 9am. But it meant getting up way too early for me on a Saturday morning! It was also quite an experience getting there, as we got lost and Noel and I ended up fighting in the car. But good old Google Maps came to our rescue and I arrived just in time for the first workshop.

First up was The 10 Ways To Clean Up Your Diet For Busy People was presented by Roxanne Kruger, a Naturopath. She gave some very useful tips on how to make small but effective changes to your diet and lifestyle that will benefit you in the long run. It was nothing we haven’t heard before, but the fact that it was being repeated means we are still finding it difficult to implement them in their daily lives. The main focus was to just start. Although she gave ten tips, she encouraged those that were feeling overwhelmed, to look at them and choose just one or two that,  realistically , they could stick to. As the saying goes, you eat an elephant one chunk at a time.

A good example is drinking more water.Over time, your skin improves, your digestion improves and you are healthier overall. As per an article in the September issue of Glamor magazine, you should try and drink 35ml of water for every kilogram you weigh and considering that herbal teas count toward your water intake, it shouldn’t be too hard to do.  I liked Roxanne’s honest approach to making these changes. She didn’t preach, but gave practical real life examples that rang true for most of us in the room. I had an opportunity to chat to her after the workshop about how I could treat my chronic sinusitis with lifestyle changes and was pleasantly surprised that most of what I have been doing already, she would recommend.

Next was Inglot Beauty Basics: Contour and Highlight, Flawless Foundation and Correct and Conceal. This was quite interesting for me because I’m not a big make-up lady, so my makeup bag only has the basics: lipstick/lipgloss, blush and face powder. But when the Inglot lady started speaking about blue and green concealer, contouring your cheek bones and nose for more definition, I thought maybe it’s time I invested a little more time into my beauty routine. I learnt about how to conceal dark spots and face blemishes, the different make up brushes and what they are used for and what colour concealer to use based on your skin undertone.Inglot ladies presenting the workshop

One of the ladies in the audience was picked as the guinea pig to demonstrate how contouring can add a whole new dimension to your face. The poor woman had to sit facing us with half her face clean and the other half with all the make – up on to illustrate the difference. What was amazing, was that she looked different but still the same, if you know what I mean. Contouring, if done correctly, doesn’t leave you looking all caked up and puttied, it merely highlights your good features and helps the “not so good ones” work for you.

So, if you want Kate Moss check bones, use a grey or dark brown contouring powder and make a straight line, no bigger in width than your index finger, from the top of your ear down to where the  iris of your eye is. This will create a shadow and give your more prominent cheek bones. I’m going to try this for myself – watch out Kate Moss!

I also learned the you should never skip a step in your beauty routine as each one has an important role to play. For instance, due to a lack of time in the morning, I usually skip the toner step. However, toner opens the pores so that the serum and moisturiser you apply afterward can actually be absorbed by the skin to reap the benefits. Otherwise, you are literally applying it to the top layer of your skin and basically just wasting your money. Inglot also gave us a pretty goodie-bag containing a few vouchers that could be redeemed at any of their stores. Yay!Inglot Goodie Bag

Then it was off to Lindy Lin’s Natural “No Make-up” Look and Brow Shaping. I follow Lindy Lin on Instagram and was excited to meet her in person and get some tips on how to get her flawless look. Turns out –  you must have some oriental genes to pull it off! Lindy collaborates with Kiehls Skincare, so at the start of the workshop, we were handed a Kiehls skin type tester. Depending on what your skin type was, the Kiehls representative advised which Kielhs products would best work for you and also handed out some samples for us to try at home. 20160903_110818Lindy used one of the attendees as a volunteer to demonstrate how to shape and fill your brows for a more defined look. Your eyebrows give your face definition, so if your brows are shaped correctly, it opens up your face nicely. I was seriously blown away by all her products and make up brushes, but I suppose being a make-up artist, these are tools of the trade and comes with the territory:) .

One my way to the last workshop for the day for me, I got myself a mean green juice. Made with spinach, cucumber, apple and ginger, it’s a quick and easy way to detox your system while adding much needed vitamins and minerals.  Considering that I hadn’t eaten since 7.30am that morning, the juice filled me up nicely so I could concentrate on the travel blog workshop that was about to start. There were also several food vendors selling a variety of yummy goodies and drinks. So if you had a break before your next workshop started, you could grab a bite to eat outside under the veranda and enjoy the fresh air before heading back inside.

.Fresh Juicing at Fresh My Life Workshop

Lauren Manuel is the mastermind behind successful the travel blog: The Travel Manuel. I enjoyed the workshop, because I was wanting to start my own blog for so long but just didn’t have the time or the courage to do it. I liked that Lauren was so open and honest – she shared some really valuable tips on how to start your blog and how to keep the momentum going etc. Lauren and her husband also run a company called Speckled Egg Digital that provides Content, Social Media and Web Development services. All of this, while travelling around the globe with a 10-month old baby. And that’s the lesson right there – if you have passion for what you are doing, nothing gets in your way of doing it –you just make it work.

Tips from Lauren Manuel on how to start your own blog

I had to leave the workshop early, because I had signed up for the Sunset Run that was due to take place later that day. But even so, it was the best R150 I spent in a long time. It’s not often you find a whole day workshop for that price.   I was also quite impressed by how well everything was organised and the venue was the perfect size for hosting the event because nothing was cluttered or cramped. I will definitely be attending the next event even if just for the goodie bag, which contained vouchers for free yoga and exercise classes, information on lifestyle retreats and an amazing R200 voucher from Lorna Jane!Lorna Jane Apparell VoucherMe with my goodie bag at the Fresh My Life Workshop

Anyone else attend the workshop? Which workshops did you attend and which ones did you enjoy most? I would love to hear 🙂 .





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